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January 10, 2006
60 candidates vie for Council vacancies
Sixty candidates have put their names forward for two City of Toronto Council vacancies. Ward 20 (Trinity Spadina) and Ward 41 (Scarborough-Rouge River) became vacant late last year when incumbents Olivia Chow and Bas Balkissoon resigned from City Council. Chow is seeking election in the current federal election campaign; Balkissoon won a by-election in the provincial riding of Scarborough-Rouge River.

Any eligible elector in Toronto interested in filling the vacancies until Council’s term ends on Nov. 30, were required to attend a meeting last night at City Hall. Interested candidates had until noon today to file their nomination papers with the City.

The names of candidates for each of the two ward vacancies (noted below) will now go to their respective Community Councils on Jan. 17 where individuals can depute and be asked questions by Councillors. The Community Councils will vote to recommend appointees for City Council’s consideration.

City Council, as a whole, will hold a special meeting of Council on Jan. 31 at 5 p.m. and make the final decision. Candidates will have an opportunity, again, to depute and answer questions at that time.

Ward 20 (Trinity Spadina)
Agrawal, Anita
Ali, Mir Sadek
Brown, Robert
Cepin, Pat
Cheung, Eppie
Chow, Ting James
Clarke, Kevin
Clustie, Karlene
Clustie, Michael
Hanna, David
Karagianis, Spiro
Kasperski, Alan Bronic
Kennedy, Warren
King, Dan
Manning, Caryl
Moore, Max
Mulenga, Kaela
Nadler, Daniel
Ollivier, Roland
Ormiston, Alice
Pavlov, Alexander
Pierroz, Christine
Rahbari, Mohammad Reza
Rejante, William
Rogers, Bradley
Sapona, Ingrid
Sauer, Monica
Schwartz, Rosie
Silva, Luis
Silva, Martin
Stephens, Douglas
Syed, Abul Hasnat
Wilson, Hamish
Wong, Andrew
Wright, Robert

Ward 41 (Scarborough-Rouge River)
Ainslie, Paul William
Barnett, Minerva
Bergson, Sheldon
Calderon, Armando
Catre, Mel
Debond, Charles
Downs, Barry
Frankford, Bob
Gajraj, Eden
Hylton, Theresa
Jones, Virginia
Kandankery, Jason
Montgomery, Edith
Ng, Noah
Sarjoo, Lindsay
Serrano, Michele
Singh, Chand
Singh, Dave
Syed, Anwaar
Tsin, Ron
van der Wees, Ron
Walsh, Gary
Warner, David
White, Sheila
Williams, Maria

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Brad Ross
City of Toronto Media Relations
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